Reggaetón was created and perfected in Jamaica, not Latin America.

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There are lots of music fans around the world who are wrongly under the impression that the music genre, Reggaetón, was created in Latin. Then there are others who does give Jamaica credit for creating the music but try to say that it was perfected in Panama or Puerto Rico.
The assertion that Reggaetón was created and/or perfected in Latin America is not only plain wrong but it is somewhat disrespectful to the creators. To say it was perfected in Latin America is to say that it was made better than what Steelie and Clevie did when they produced the first Reggaetón track.

Ii is hard to say which is worse, Latin America claiming the created Reggaeton or the white boys in the video below claiming that reggae was cheap and crude before they enhanced it to help Bob Marley become successful.

The truth is; Shabba Ranks, Chakka Demus and Pliers were the first artists to release reggaeton songs with “Dem Bow” and “Murder she wrote, respectively. Both songs were already perfected upon release and did not need any more perfection.

“Dem Bow” was produced by Bobby Digital and icons Steely and Clevie. The record saw the producers sampling the “Poko Man Jam” instrumental created by Steely and Clevie in 1989.
“Dem Bow” and “Murder She Wrote” boasted a similar drum sequence and coincidentally both broke in the Latin market giving rise to the reggaeton genre.

Clevie is quick to point out that he is the creator of Reggaeton and anyone else who claims that distinction is simply lying.

Cleveland ‘Clevie’ Browne who sees himself as the creator of reggaeton. He too encourages Jamaicans to dive into the market since it’s their birthright.
“I saw a forum where a person from Latin America was trying to say he created reggaeton. But I have the tapes which proves we were first with that sound. I guess they changed the name from dancehall because they wanted to own the sound. But until they can present a recording before 1989, they have no talk over us,” Clevie said.

So in essence; Shabba Ranks, Chakka Demus and Pliers are the fathers of reggaeton and this history cannot be rewritten. In fact, Chakka Demus and Pliers are in the process of releasing a reggaeton compilation titled “Dollar Sign” and they are not afraid or ashamed to say that they are the founding fathers of the genre.

“We create that music reggaeton so we can tap into that market anytime because it’s rightfully ours. The reggaeton sound is the one that is running the world now, a dat a gwaan. So we are going with the times. It’s music so we are going with the flow,” Pliers said.